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  • Permitting and environmental compliance, particularly in the new, dynamic, and often frustrating field of regulated cannabis. I work closely with environmental consultants to help clients navigate the complex requirements of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the State and Regional Water Resources Control Boards, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
  • Due diligence on property acquisitions. Too often I find myself trying to help clients resolve intractable issues after acquiring property unsuited to their project goals. Investing in a robust, proactive due diligence campaign before buying property can make the difference between a viable project and a non-starter.
  • Groundwater pollution settlement negotiations.
  • Instream dedications.
  • Collaborative solutions to limited water supplies. Sometimes reaching out to neighbors can lead to long-term win-win agreements.
  • Identify and protect water rights. In these times of rapidly changing use and changing hydrology, water rights holders need to ensure that their existing water rights – and their property values – are safe from forfeiture due to non-use.
  • Property rights generally. Water is a real property right, and very often principles of general real property law apply. Easements, licenses, leases, and other forms of contractual agreement are an integral part of my practice.


Regulatory Compliance

Water Rights

Administrative Law

Due Diligence

Real Property

Cannabis Permitting and Compliance


Resource Strategy